Wednesday, 24 October 2007

where i live

Hi guys.
Emmie here, i just thought that i would tell you a little bit about where i live.

As you all know, I am from Yorkshire in the north of England.
I live in a small town called Wath upon Dearne, which is near to Rotherham in South Yorkshire, with my parents and my brother.
In my town there’s not much to do, there are three primary schools, three junior schools, two secondary schools, a library, a swimming pool, two churches, a large supermarket, some small shops, some pubs and lots of houses. There is also a lake that many people like to walk around.
About 25 minutes from my town, there is a city called Sheffield, which has a big shopping centre called Meadowhall. I usually go here to the pictures, and also to buy clothes.

Although you may not have heard of South Yorkshire, you may know some famous people who are from South Yorkshire?
Do you know the Arctic Monkeys?
David Seaman, former England goal keeper and Arsenal player?
Sean Bean, Actor? Who appeared in Lord of the Rings?

Or maybe you know Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United or Rotherham United football clubs?

You can learn about the history of Wath and see some up to date photos by clicking here

You can also read more about Rotherham.

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adam, you're very friendly.